Your Ultimate Guide to Fun Activities While Waiting for HVAC Services

Whether you’re visiting Morgantown, WV or are a lifelong resident, we know hanging around waiting for your AC Repair or AC service can be a bit of a drag. But don’t fret, we’ve compiled a list of exciting things you can do in our beautiful city while waiting for our outstanding services at Advanced Heating.

First off, the West Virginia Botanic Garden is a must-visit for nature lovers. While our HVAC Company team works diligently on your HVAC installation, why not take a leisurely stroll around this flora paradise?

Next up is Brookhaven, WV. Known for its vibrant green spaces and trails, the BOPARC Seneca Center Trail is perfect for a quick bike ride, hike or run while your furnace service is underway.

Moving next to Cheat Lake. What better way to while away time during your furnace repair than by trying out some paddleboarding or fishing in Cheat Lake? With vast, clear waters and stunning surroundings, Cheat Lake is an absolute must-visit spot for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.

Coming over to Westover, WV. If you’re a history buff, the Scotts Run Settlement House is a fascinating way to spend time during your HVAC service. Explore the exhibits and dive into some local history.

Finally, wrap up your tour in Kingwood, WV, and visit the historic and iconic Craig Civic Center. From unique local businesses to special events, there’s always something happening at this bustling hub.

By the time you’ve explored all these great locations, your Advanced Heating service should be completed to perfection. So why not use your service time as an opportunity to experience the local culture and beauty of Morgantown and its surrounding areas? You’ll find that relaxing as the pros handle your HVAC needs is a breeze!