Say Goodbye to Saunas – Hello PROTOCOOL Cooling Solutions!

Every so often, the cruel Florida sun decides to remind us of some good old Texas heat; you’d swear the two states were battling to become the next capital of sauna-like weather. Weston, Davie, Plantation – everyone’s searching for oasis-like comfort. We can’t move the ocean into your living room, but we sure can give you the next best thing – welcome to PROTOCOOL Cooling Solutions!

AC Service: An Oasis in a Heat Wave

Remember those summer camping trips? Right in the intensity of a roaring fire, desperate for a cold breeze? Metaphorically, PROTOCOOL is that cold breeze. Our AC services are trustworthy, reliable, and definitely cooler than a winter in Alaska.

Furnace Services: For that Rare Florida Chill

We’re not all about AC and ignoring the furnace. We’re perfectly equipped to service that too for those “rare” cool moments. Need furnace service? You’ll find more than just Miami’s spunky flair here. Our friendly team ensures a warm, cozy environment whenever you need it.

Count on PROTOCOOL. We can’t control the Texas-Florida rivalry, but we’d bet on being victorious in your comfort war!