Keep Cool with Expert HVAC Advice

Stay Comfortable and Efficient with These HVAC Tips

Whether you need AC repair, AC service, or a new HVAC installation, Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning has got you covered. Here are some valuable tips and tricks to keep your home cool and your system running smoothly:

  1. Change your air filters regularly. Clogged filters restrict airflow, making your system work harder and less efficiently.
  2. Schedule annual maintenance checks. Professional tune-ups can identify and fix minor issues before they become major problems.
  3. Keep outdoor units clear of debris and obstructions. Ensure at least two feet of clearance around the unit for proper airflow.
  4. Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set temperature schedules and save energy when you’re away.
  5. Seal air leaks and insulate your home properly. This prevents cool air from escaping and hot air from entering, reducing strain on your HVAC system.

Trust the experts at Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning for all your HVAC needs in Valdosta, Nashville, Lakeland, Quitman, Adel, Sparks, GA, and surrounding areas.